Who is better, freelance graphic designer or graphic design company

Graphic design company

POSTED ON March 19, 2016


Alot of time people get stuck in taking decision, weather they should hire freelance graphic designer or graphic design company!

Freelance graphic designer
Freelancers basically work for several companies and perform there tasks under a certain agreement. Usually they have to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). Freelance graphic designers are successful just because of there low rates. Many big companies hire freelancers and outsource all of there major design tasks to them.

Benefits to work with a freelance designer
They are several benefits to work with freelance graphic or web designer. like
Freelance graphic designer prices are always low as compared to big design firms.
Freelance designer doesn't see day or night they work like machines.
Freelancers are always time efficient, they have ability to finish there work over the night.

Disadvantages to work with a freelance designer
As you have read some benefits above of working with freelance graphic or web designer, there are some disadvantages also, that are
You can't trust on the commitments, or promises of freelance designers, they can just disappear over the night and you can't find them. Because they don't have any stack or investment init, so they don't care about the importance of work or commitment.
The quality of work mostly doesn't appear good.
Communication with a freelance designer is always a big challenge. So be ready for that.
Lack of professionalism.

Working with Graphic design agency / company
Its always good to work with Graphic design agency or web design company directly, because there are alot of benefits.
Graphic Design companies are always committed and deliver the work on time by fulfilling there promises, because they have to maintain the reputation of there company.
You can't compare the design quality of graphic design company with a freelance designer.
Graphic design companies are always very professional in there work and deliver 100%.
You can always trust on them and there promises.
Very prompt in communication and responses.

To conclude we can say don't compromise on quality with price. Always go with graphic design company instead of freelance graphic designer.

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